Riksgränsen – updated ski portfolio

Riksgränsen was in need of an updated image bank to complement the already existing marketing material & to reflect the complete offering of the resort. “Images can’t describe how amazing this place is”, some says. I say “Yes, they can”. You simply need to hire the right people. To visualise the world-class skiing that the resort offers, I had to commission world-class skiers & photographers to shoot the portfolio. I created a brief and hired Sofia Wester Sjöberg & Jacob Wester to gather a group of talented skiers & riders and shoot it. The images had to reflect the joy of skiing together with your friends, the restaurants, freeride, in-resort off-piste- and piste skiing, the activity offerings & the convenience with taking the train straight to the resort. The portfolio needed to be applicable for all channels; digital, social & print. It is currently being distributed across Riksgränsen’s communication channels.

Displayed is a large selection of the portfolio, yet there’s much more. Enjoy scrolling through this ski-phoria and pure winter joy!

Creative Direction: Madeleine Lithvall
Photography & editing: Sofia Wester Sjöberg & Jacob Wester
Skiers & riders: Jacob Wester, Sofie Gidlund, Dante Zia, Björn Lindgren

ClientLapland ResortsServicesCreative Direction, Influencer MarketingYear2022

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