Oriflame – The ONE restage

During 2018-2019, I worked on an extensive rebrand project for Oriflame’s makeup brands. Together with a team of art directors, copywriters, project managers, brand managers and other stakeholders, we developed and implemented brand platforms for The ONE, GG and OnColor and made sure the brands were distinguished. After defining the brand platforms, we created visual brand guidelines for every brand and made sure each brand had its unique appearance and tonality. In 2019, when we had finalised the guidelines, we implemented all work into the upcoming product launches. Together with the creative lead, I was responsible for executing the new visual expression for The ONE, just in time for the restage of the brand. We shot several product launches at the same time, that had to follow all visual expression rules we had defined. Since not all products in the portfolio could be redesigned at the same time, we also had to take into consideration how to communicate and combine both the new, updated product design & logo as well as the old product design & logo. I was also the creative lead for conceptualising the showcased campaigns.

The rebranding resulted in 3 unique, contemporary makeup brands within the Oriflame portfolio – launched during 2019 and 2020. Showcased here are the first launches we produced campaign material for according to the new visual expression for The ONE. The campaigns were all launched at the beginning of 2020. Welcome in to a new decade of beauty!

Project Manager: Susanna Dahl
Art Director: Madeleine Lithvall
Creative Lead: Petra Wallin
Copywriter: Ruth Tauber & Alexandra Dellevoet
Art Buyer: Ellen Finn
Stylist: Teddy Ryrberg
Model Photographer: Martin Petersson
Still Life Photographer: Sara Wennerhed
Model: Dalianah Arekion

ServicesCreative direction, branding, art direction, design, animationYear2019

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