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Lundhags is a Swedish outdoor brand founded 1932 in Jämtland. Today, a premium classic manufacturer of boots, backpacks & clothing for trekking – all year around. As one of the brand’s PR & marketing initiatives, Lundhags had used live shopping a few times – but felt it didn’t give so much “bang for the bucks”. It was time to re-group and optimise the tool. “Take our live shopping to the next level” – was the mission given to me spring 2022. So what exactly was “the next level”? I had to dig in to what had already been done and analyse what we could optimise. First of all, we had to team up with an engaging influencer who could host the show and increase reach to a relevant target audience, ahead of the show. Secondly, we had to strategically optimise timings for publishing content across social media, newsletters & online to drive traffic to the show. Of course, we also had to choose a show time to maximise the amount of viewers. To make sure people kept watching the whole episode, we came up with several engaging activities; such as contests, discount codes and unexpected activities. We also had to move the studio outside to put the brand & products in a genuine context.
For the first 2 episodes that I produced, we teamed up with the adventurer & influencer Ebba Forsgren who hosted the show. Together, we created content prior to the show and published across our social channels. Together with Lundhags marketing manager & product development manager, we chose seasonal products to feature in the episodes. Me and Ebba wrote a script consisting of interview questions that she could follow during the show as she engaged in conversation with Lundhags’ product experts.
And the results? The sales went up from 0-1,8K SEK to 11K SEK in the first episode. We doubled the unique live viewer count and increased the recorded viewer count with 609% compared to the previous episode.

Producer & Creative Direction: Madeleine Lithvall
Marketing Manager: Caroline Karlström
Influencer & show host: Ebba Forsgren
Product Experts: Sara Wiksten, Johan Prissberg, Mats-Håkan Lundhag
Photography: Madeleine Lithvall & Ebba Forsgren
Film & editing: Madeleine Lithvall
Social Media Manager Lundhags: Linnea Åhman

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