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Lapland Resorts operates the mountain- and ski resorts Björkliden, Riksgränsen and the highest situated mountain lodge in Sweden, Låktatjåkko. All three resorts have a long and unique history and culture in a very special environment in Sweden, 250km north of the Arctic circle. Shortly after Lapland Resorts was founded in 2010, a brand platform and communication strategy was formed. Since then, no real follow-up has been done on the platform, which together with a lack of concise communication directives and a devotion for tradition and a precaution towards changes has led to diffuse communication. In 2020, the world was also struck by a pandemic, which heavily redesigned the map for all industries, in particular the tourism- and hospitality industry. All over the world, we see new trends, approaches and values sprung from the pandemic.

My continuous task as a creative director for Lapland Resorts’ brands is to find a way to act upon the constantly evolving internal and global situation and to find a communication strategy that responds to the needs of the contemporary consumers.

My tasks and challenges are to;

1. Create synergies between the brands
2. Reinforce the brand awareness about Lapland Resorts as a group and umbrella organisation
3. Identify a strong USP for Lapland Resorts and its brands
4. Make sure that the brands are fresh and up-to-date yet keeping their traditional and cultural roots

Showcased are;
– samples of the research work including trends and target segments
– samples of the updated brand book that I created during 2020
– samples of design and communication solutions

This is an ongoing project and will be updated continously.

ClientLapland Resorts – Björkliden Fjällby, Riksgränsen, Låktatjåkko FjällstationServicesTrend analysis, brand development, creative direction, designYear2020

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