Helsport Epic Ski Basecamp

Helsport launched their e-commerce site and presence in Sweden already in 2021, but were two years later, still not a commonly known brand within its product segments (tents & sleeping bags). The brand felt they were lacking presence in Swedish social media channels and amongst Swedish outdoor profiles. Helsport simply needed more presence in online & social channels; both own and external. To increase the activity and exposure, and to place the brand as top-of-mind, I was given the task to hire a professional team of outdoor creators, able to capture high-quality content with “high-stoke level” that people would want to be a part of and join in to. Helsport wanted to reach out to skiers (at different levels) & outdoor interested people, who themselves, want to push their activity & comfort zone to the next level. I was responsible for the creative concept, project- & production management and post production.

The production took place in Nallo & Vistas – remote locations far out in the wilderness of the Swedish Kebnekaise massif, surrounded by glacier covered peaks. Every single detail of the 5 day-long trip had to be prepared and planned before departure as there we no reception at the location, the closest grocery store 5 hours away and a work environment demanding skills within not only content production, but also safety, weather planning & navigation. Everything under my guard.

The desired outcome was content; photos and film clips that could be shared in social media during the production trip and after – and for Helsport to reshare and use in own social channels.
Showcased is a small selection of the final still images, a selection of the social media activation, published right after the trip and online content.

Creative director, producer, creative project manager: Madeleine Lithvall
Brand Marketing Manager: Gaute Kristiansen
Photography & film: Sofia Wester
Pro skier: Jacob Wester
Skier & Helsport crew: Anne Marit Bredalen

ClientHelsportServicesCreative direction, content production, creative project management, influencer marketingYear2023

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