With the reason of textile treasures from the Nordic Museum in Stockholm being returned to the National Museum in Estonia, the seminar Fashion, Cultural Heritage and Diversity in Tartu was organised. The seminar was a collaboration between Friends of Handicraft, the Swedish Institute, the National Museum in Tartu, the Nordic Museum in Stockholm and the Swedish embassy in Tallinn and arises questions regarding textile traditions and the role of craft in today’s society as well as a source of inspiration for contemporary designers. I was the project manager for the seminar commissioned by Friends of Handicraft.

Five fashion designers and textile artists participated, three from Sweden and two from Estonia. The Swedish designers included Gudrun Sjödén, Elin Ivre, and Miriam Parkman. The Estonian fashion scene was represented by two generations of textile artists and designers through Liisa Soolepp and Anu Raud.

The seminar was held in October 2014 as a part of a larger program in the presence of the Swedish Crown princess couple.
Photography by: Gabriela Ekraanid

ServicesProject management. Creative direction. Sourcing of designers and speakers Sourcing of looks and styling. Casting. Fashion show coordination.Year2014

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