Björkliden summer guide

Björkliden is an infinite outdoor playground summer time for both adults and children. To inspire people to discover Björkliden on their own – as well as educate about the area, we created a digital summer guide called “Discover Björkliden On Your Own” (Swedish: Björkliden på egen hand). We wrote 43 tips about what you can do in Björkliden summer time. All tips were illustrated on a summer area map, color coordinated according to what type of activity or place it was, and numbered. To illustrate each tips further, we shot lifestyle images for each and one of the activities or places that we wrote about. Everything was put together on a responsive platform with an interactive map so you easily could read the summer map and directly find the description and specific trail or place.

To complement this digital guide, we also printed the map for everyone who would prefer a printed copy to bring out on their adventures.

Creative Director: Madeleine Lithvall
Descriptions & copy: Linnéa Arrhen
Lifestyle photographer: Johan Nyström
Other photographers: Viktor Daggberg, Axel Adolfsson, Gustaf Elias
Map illustration by: Tage Jonsson
Map design, graphic design, web design: Madeleine Lithvall

ClientLapland ResortsServicesCreative Direction, Art Direction, Photography, Graphic & Web DesignYear2020 -

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