CrAfter Work – a collaboration between Handarbetets Vänner / Friends of Handicraft and the Museum of Spirits.

I pitched the idea of combining the craft beer that the museum serves with textile craft making during an After Work. Both HV/FoH and the Museum of Spirits loved the idea and so a summery afternoon in August 2015, a bunch of people gathered at the Museum of Spirits in Stockholm to drink home brewed craft beer and try embroidery and knitting. At the inaugural event, the British craftivist, Sarah Corbett; founder of the global Craftivist Collective, was also present and the visitors could buy her stitching kits and stitch messages for a better world.

The Pier Beer Garden got so full that the event had to expand beyond the pier into the restaurant across the street… and the following week after the event, the Swedish newspaper DN wrote about the “new trend”. After this great success, we naturally had to do the event again… and again!

Photos by: Adam Wrafter.

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